Sir's World

Your Leather Sir, available by appointment


My name is Mike and I am a 64 year old Poly LeatherMan, Head of household for my family. We live 24/7 in a D/s relationship. My family as of this writing includes my 3 boys, and a puppy who belongs to one the boys. I wear many hats, I am Daddy to my boy Bryan, Sir to my boy Frank and Master to my slave (open, contact me if you are interested). Each of them have different frameworks that they operate in, making my life interesting at time. Let's add in my role of "Grandpa" to my Bryan's puppy Scooby, the grandpa role is one of the easiest, it's basically spoil and or stir up the puppy and let his Sir, my boy deal with the hard stuff. Hey I have been doing this for over 25 years, taking the easy way out is nice now and then.